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Our hospital was looking for a stereo system for our MRI suite. We looked for some time and kept coming up short. We ran across MRI Audio’s website and decided to place a call. We were sent a quote and was told that everything would be compatible. We liked the pricing and decided to go with it. I received a phone call to schedule the installation in no time. They came out and did the install, which was seamless and very professional. Their sound system is amazing. The patients love it. We get many compliments on how well they can hear the music as it blocks out all other noises. The voice from the microphone comes through very clear. We purchased the I pad option and it is very simple to use. Spencer was and is still an amazing help with anything we need. Highly recommend MRI Audio for your audio needs.

Aaron Richardson RT(R)(CT)(MRI) - Paris Community Hospital

We purchased our first MRIaudio system in July of 2016, we liked it so much, we immediately bought a second MRIaudio system. Spencer from MRIaudio came out to install the equipment. He did so in an efficient and timely manner! We like the MRIaudio system because of the patient sound quality, the ease of use, and our patient's love the variety of music we can now offer. I can't say enough about the quick response and accommodating nature of Spencer and his team! They have top notch customer service and I would recommend their system and service to anyone who is in need of an MRI sound system. We thank you!

Amber DiNatale R.T. (R)(CT)(MR) - Great Lakes Medical Imaging

We have three MRI scanners between our two locations and we were not happy with the performance of our current audio systems for the patients or our technologists. The patient either couldn’t hear the music at all or had a hard time hearing the music. Patients also complained about the headsets hurting their ears along with our technologists complaining because we couldn’t use them with our head and cervical spine exams. After going to RSNA looking for an answer to our problem I saw the display for MRI Audio and was instantly impressed. Being a former MRI technologist and stereo guru I knew right away that this is what we were looking for. We purchased the first unit in January and instantly heard from the patients and technologists that the MRI Audio system was incredible! Having the iPad and using Pandora allows a variety of music for our patients to be relaxed while having their exam(s) and not moving which is crucial. Also, the clarity and bass that you can hear while in the scanner is leaps and bounds above the competition. By having such great success with the first purchase I immediately ordered another unit for our second scanner and budgeted for another unit for our third scanner. Lastly I wanted to say that the service has been incredible by Spencer during and after the install. If we have a question we either Facetime him with the iPad or call him and he gets back to us right away. MRI Audio has figured out the perfect way to enhance the MRI patient experience and to secure the service recovery that a lot of companies lack. Thanks for everything Spencer and I look forward to seeing what you and the company comes up with next!

Brian Sparland - University of Wisconsin

We had a great experience with MRIaudio, Our patients love the new sound system. It has helped with many patients that otherwise would not have been able to have a scan. We’ve had lot of compliments from our patients. They love the addition of music during their scans and they say it makes the experience of having an MRI much more relaxing. We found the staff to be helpful and very knowledgeable. The install was quick and easy. Staff was very accommodating when there were questions regarding the system.

Laura Small - Mayo Clinic

Microphone on original competitor's system died, after 6 weeks waiting for replacement I got in contact with Spencer Howe from MRIaudio on a Tuesday. On Thursday he showed up in person with a new sytem for a free 30 day trial. In about 10 days we cancelled the mic order and purchased the MRIaudio system. Techs and patients love it, sounds like a real stereo on the patient's end. Every interaction with Spencer has been positive and worth the call. The price for the system was very reasonable and perishable supplies seem to be as well. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Ken Tracy - Tri-State Memorial Hospital

Thank you for your exceptional customer service. I tried purchasing an acoustic interface through another vendor and had a bad experience. Luckily, MRI audio came to my rescue. We are based out of Hawaii and are used to "next day" being "next week". But when On top of the great customer service, the Acoustic Interface is top notch. Patients that are hard of hearing have no problem listening to the instructions we have to deliver. The Music is great too! Thank you MRIaudio!

Chris Mcintire - Kuakini Health System

We had a great experience with MRIaudio, and I found the staff [to be both] helpful and knowledgeable. The install was quick and easy, and best of all, our patients love the addition of the sound system. It has helped with many patients that otherwise would not have been willing to have a scan. For our regular patients, they love the addition of music during their scans as well.

Joseph Anthony - Medical Imaging Center of Southern California

The customer service is impeccable, ordered one day, delivered the next.

Rick Treat, Director of Fleet Services - Insight Imaging

The systems work great. The patients love the opportunity to listen to clear music and this new system is much better than our old systems. The technologists like the straight forward approach and my part time people have had no issues learning how to use it. We have a much more advanced system interface on another scanner and the techs do not really enjoy the interface due to the complexity of the system. They would rather have your MRIaudio system. Thanks again for the speedy delivery and support!

Chad W, Director of Imaging Services - Advanced Medical Imaging

We are an out patient MRI center specializing in orthopedics, head, spine and body exams. We have always offered music to our patients, however in the past, this has been time consuming but worth it in the patient comfort arena. When our last system completely broke down, I started to look for a better alternative. This was found in MRIaudio. Superior customer service, great sound quality and as an extra bonus, less time spent setting up because of the iPad. Patients love the ability to streamline what they want to listen to.

Jack Berry, RT - Pacific Imaging

When our imaging center was looking to replace the audio system in our MRI competitive price was a big determining factor. We couldn't believe the price for such an exemplary system, it was more than five times cheaper than the original sound system that we had. The instillation process was easy and they went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. Our patients love the Pandora option and it makes a big difference in patient care for long scans. As a patient myself I can attest to the great sound and comfort of MRIaudio's system. We would highly recommend them for all imaging centers.

Christi - California Diagnostic Imaging Center

We recently installed a new magnet and we found that we did not have an MRI compatible sound system. After doing a quick search we found your company and we were able to purchase equipment at half the price of other systems we searched. Your company provided excellent customer service shipping the system to us within a couple of days so that our service technician could get it installed before we started scanning patients. It was compatible with our scanner and only took a few minutes to connect. We have been extremely pleased by all of your staff, your expeditious service and thorough follow-up. We will definitely be using MRIaudio in the future for any needs we may have and we will be recommending your company to anyone needing a system. Thank you for helping us! You guys are great!!

Lacy Carlson, Administrator - Coliseum Imaging Center

Our patients love the Pandora option and you won’t find a company who exceeds in ensuring that you are happy with their product like this one does. Great product and service at a great price.

Stacy Padgett (R) (MR) (CT) - Advanced Medical Imaging

The system overall has been a hit with our patients, they enjoy the ability to choose their artist and or genre. The sound quality and ability to hear the music during the exam has been the best feature, the ability to speak clearly to the patient is such an asset to gaining patient confidence to make the exam as comfortable as possible. We are glad that we went with MRI Audio for our music/communication system. Working with Spencer has been a pleasing experience; his customer service is top notch! Thank you Spencer.

Amy Baker - 1st State Orthapedics

We recently purchased an MRI sound system from MRIaudio and couldn’t be any happier. At first, we were skeptical of its importance, and decided to test it before making a purchasing decision. Once we got our patient stereo installed, we found it to be of great use. Not only does it reduce patient stress, but it also makes it easier to communicate directly with the patient. We immediately made the purchasing decision and are glad that we did. MRIaudio did a good job keeping us informed and helped us with any questions or concerns we had. MRIaudio thank you for providing us with a quality audio system.

Jill Flannery R.T.(R)(MR), Kyleen Merritt R.T. (R)(MR) - Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids

Mercy San Juan Hospital It’s great to have the benefit of music for our MRI patients. You guys made installation a breeze, and very clean. Pleasure to have met you and have your product on board.

John Schaff CRT - Mercy Medical Center in San Juan

If you are looking for a great audio system for you department then look no further than MRI Audio. I recently purchased a system from MRI Audio for my department and I could not be any happier. Spencer from client services is a true professional and really knows how to provide the absolute best experience for his customers. A state of the art system at competitive pricing combined with true customer service, what more could you ask for. I am looking forward to a long business relationship with MRI Audio and the wonderful staff that supports their product. MRI Audio is the company that best serves you and your facility. Thank you again MRI Audio for all that you have provided for our department and the patients we serve.

Timothy T R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT) - Adventist Health

From biomedical engineer view, the system has an amazing design ,easy to install, easy to make service (almost no need for service), the parts are available, the company support us in all steps, more than one audio input (CD, IPhone, PC, all types of mobiles …etc), and can be used with all MRI exams because it has in ear and over ear headphones. Our hospital management was so happy because the system was effective and also with very good price. Our MRI operators say, the system is so friendly, easy to use and make the patients so comfortable and before this system the patients was so scared from the MRI noise and they was advising other patients not to do this exam. So everyone like the system and everyone say thanks for MRI Audio for this amazing product.

Layth F. Shakir - Emirates International Hospital

Right from the beginning, Spencer was enthusiastic about our satisfaction with their product. We are a busy center that scans over 2500 cases per month. I was interested in improving customer satisfaction and one of our existing audio systems at our GE 450 scanner was a sore point with patients. Spencer showed me the MRI Audio electrostatic system and we were impressed with the high quality sound. It was like wearing a regular headset and it did not sound like you were under water. Spencer and his team members worked around our schedule to install the system and even with our engineer when we experienced some artifacts. The artifacts turned out to be from a leaky door seal on one of our other scanners nearby. They provided a pneumatic headset free while the door leak gets resolved! We like the straightforward, no hassle operation of the system and the patients especially appreciate the Pandora radio. Now we can finally ask patients “what would you like to hear” rather than stressing out about if the radio station they like will come in. I am so satisfied I am considering upgrading another machine to the same system. Thanks Spencer and MRI Audio.

Mike Frederick, RT (R) (MR) - Sharp and Children's MRI Center

We have a GE 1.5T LX and do approximately 350 scans per month. This is our 3rd music system and MRI Audio''s music system is great. The music quality is very good, set up was quick and easy, and the unit is very user friendly. The IPOD integration is a big plus. Spencer's support from purchasing to installation was superb. Overall a great addition to our MRI Center.

Brian Rafferty RT(R)(MR) - St. Vincent's

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