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At MRIaudio, we help you provide MRI patients with the best scanning experience possible.  

Our Best-Selling MRI Music Systems

MRIaudio music and communication systems are designed to ensure technologists enjoy using them, patients enjoy listening to them, and with prices starting at just $5,319 - they're affordable on any budget.

Thanks to our customers, we're proud to be one of the fastest growing and most trusted names in the industry. 

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Features & Benefits

Pure Patient Enjoyment

Give Your Patients The Best

Comforting patients with MRIaudio means attentuating up to 30db of MRI noise with the most comfortable headphones available, providing unobstructed communication with technologists, and offering personalized, app-based audio entertainment tailored to patient preferences. 

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Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Designed for Technologist's Needs

Technologists are busy and they aren’t audio engineers, so our MRI audio systems are designed for simple, intuitive operation.

Simply start your patient's music, bring the volume to a comfortable level, and speak into the intercom as needed. There's no added hassle, or confusing features to explain to patient after patient.

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The Smart Choice for Imaging Center Management

Imaging Center Supervisors

We provide the industry's most robustly designed MRI audio system, longest-running warranty, best customer service, and most overall value in the business, so those overseeing imaging center operations can get back to focusing on other things. 

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Imaging Centers are Talking

Imaging Centers are Talking

More diagnostic imaging centers globally turn to MRIaudio every day, and 36% have either purchased multiple systems or referred other facilities.

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MRIaudio's no obligations, 30-day free trials let you if our MRI stereo system is right.

They're safe and easy to setup on any scanner, there's absolutely no expense up front (nope, not even shipping), and there's no better way to see just how much of a difference one can make at your facility.

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